Barrett Wissman Profile

If you read about Barrett Wissman, you would know how this multi-lingual, multi-talented musician and businessman, has reshaped IMG Artists like no other. His aura and his presence as a Co-chairman, Principal, Financier and Philanthropist, has really helped boost the banner and is creating waves globally.

To put it in a nut shell, Barrett Wissman has it in him what no one else has shown so diligently: his utmost sincerity towards the performing arts and a personal desire to see that enthusiasts can venture in this field without any inhibitions.

“I am an entrepreneur, a musician and a staunch supporter of the arts,” he has stated in one of his interviews and nothing holds truer than this statement. He has fought for the importance of music education in schools and can’t stress enough the need to fulfill one’s dreams and aspirations. Having closely worked with organizations that support and promote arts education, he has proven his stance. One such example is the Sphinx Organization, which not only promotes education but also paves way for the future of these students, who may be aspiring to take this up professionally somewhere down the road.

If there is any information of Barett Wissman online, it is sure to be detailed with his noteworthy contributions towards the arts. Tireless dedication and strength made it possible for this Director to raise $1.4mm for the local community! This has been a remarkable achievement in the history of performing arts and should be debted to this man for his brilliant initiative at one of his own festivals – Festival Del Sole. Apart from this, he has really helped shape the dreams of so many aspiring young students; there are those who can’t even afford their instruments and he has loaned them to these talented, deserving students. Therefore, there is no doubt that he has already won hearts of many!  

If one looks at his many achievements in the industry, it would be safe to say that his proudest accomplishment would be continuing to help people build their dreams and enabling them to transcend any barriers, may it be cultural or geographical, and just bringing them all together for the sake of one united cause: common appreciation for the world of arts.